More Bad News About CPS

I just found out about this documentary by Bill Bowen called Innocence Destroyed that exposes the hundreds of children who have died while in the care of Children’s Protective Services. They seem to pick the worst possible people to place children with. And they take children away from parents for offenses that are trumped up and false.

A couple months ago, I wrote about an alleged murder/suicide in Atlanta of a former Georgia senator, Nancy Schaefer here. She was leading an investigation into abuses by the CPS in Atlanta and ended up dead. Many people do not believe it was a murder/suicide involving her own husband. More likely, it was a paid hit.

Go to this link to find the short version of the documentary Innocence Destroyed on You Tube.

If you ever see something that makes you think there might be abuse or neglect going on, think long and hard about increasing the chances of abuse by 600% by putting a child into the CPS system. Be very careful about doing such a thing. There are safer ways to help a child. If you really care, get involved and help them yourself.


Prepare the Way for His Coming

This is a paper that my son just wrote. The Lord gives him amazing revelation. I believe that all American Christians would benefit from learning about how our Father really sees us and wants to relate to us and how He wants us to relate to Him and to each other.

Please read this and tell us what you think.


Reinstating The Father Revelation

“For you have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear, but you have received the Spirit of adoption by which we cry, Abba, Father!”
(Romans 8:15, MKJV).

There is a serious issue in the American Judeo-Christian Church of our time – a system of belief and practice that is contrary to the Gospel of God’s Kingdom, and which is reminiscent of the Nicolaitans who rose up near the beginning of Church history.

Principally, the Nicolaitans held the doctrine that there are two groups of people in the Church: the special, gifted people who are superior in the kingdom of God, and then there are those who are less gifted and inferior to the first, and who are therefore of less importance. They believed that the specially gifted people of the first category were meant to rule over the general “laymen” of the second category who were supposed to devote their lives to serving the specially gifted people of the first category, the Church “leaders”. Basically, the Nicolaitans taught that the Kingdom of God is a caste system, and that there is a big division between those who are the anointed leaders or “clergy” and the common people or “laity”, with the clergy being the aristocratic class of God’s Kingdom, and the laity being the lowly peasants and serfs who are here on earth to serve the clergy.

This setup is not at all according to the purpose and nature of authority and leadership in the Kingdom of God, which Christ set forth in the Gospels (see Mt 20:25-28; Mr 10:42-45), and which Paul also modeled in his apostolic ministry (see 2Cor 1:24). In fact, the doctrine of the Nicolaitans is diametrically opposed to the teaching of Christ, robbing believers of their inheritance in Christ and the dignity that belongs to them as sons of God. But what has God said? “And you shall be to Me a kingdom of priests and a holy nation. These are the words which you shall speak to the sons of Israel” (Exodus 19:6, MKJV). And it is also written, “But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for possession, so that you might speak of the praises of Him who has called you out of darkness into His marvelous light” (1Peter 2:9, MKJV; see also Re 1:6; 5:10). It is no wonder that when speaking in regard to the Nicolaitans, the Lord said: “I hate their deeds and their teaching!” (paraphrasing His words in Re 2:6 and Re 2:15).

Now what is the connection between this Nicolaitan caste system and the spirit of bondage? They are both joined in opposing the Spirit of adoption which brings the revelation of sonship and fatherhood. We are shown throughout Scripture, that a slave in the household is the opposite of a son (Joh 8:35; Ga 4:7,30). This does not mean that sons are exempt from serving, but those who have been freed and made sons in Christ (see John 1:12; 8:36), the same should use their freedom as servants of God (see 1Pe 2:16), not as servants of men (see 1Co 7:23).

The problem with the Nicolaitan caste system – or any other caste system for that matter – is that it takes men who are rightfully sons of God, and it makes them into slaves of other men instead of servants of God. This cannot be done without tearing down or severely diminishing the belief that we are God’s sons, because a son is also an heir of God and joint-heir of Christ, and therefore inferior to no one and dependent only on God’s loving care for them. For the caste system to be successful, there must be an established ideology in two classes: 1) the “common” people must believe that they are inferior to and dependent upon their human “lords”, and therefore they must serve them; 2) those who are gifted or simply positioned in leadership must believe that they are superior to those of the lower classes, and that the common people cannot properly exist without the rulers running the show.

But in contrast, a person who is established in the truth that he is God’s child and a joint-heir with Christ will never bow to the rulers of such a system, but he will conduct his life freely and outside of the control of the “ruling class”. And the true leaders of God’s Kingdom – those who walk in the revelation of sonship – will not conduct themselves as the rulers of the caste system, but they will recognize that the authority they have been given is to serve God by serving their brethren. The leaders who walk in the Spirit of adoption will conduct themselves as fathers, training and teaching the spiritual children that God has given them – not to become dependent upon their leaders and think of them as superior – but to grow and mature in Christ and the abilities God has given them, until they too can become leaders and spiritual fathers.

Because of all this, the spirit of bondage and its caste system are at war against the Spirit of adoption and His system of sonship. And it is due to this deeply entrenched enmity that the Spirit has not been welcome to move in much of the American Church, because we have given in to the spirit of bondage by giving in to its caste system. One of the biggest indicators of this, is the fatherless state and/or attitude of so many teens and young adults in our day. This in turn, has caused an increase in bondage and lawlessness which is unprecedented in our nation’s history, and which is threatening America with a quick collapse from within – self-destruction because of our increasingly diverse and intensified sins. This is a sign along with many others that we are reaching the close of this age.

“But where sin abounded, grace did much more abound” (Romans 5:20b, KJV). God is not through with the Church in America, but He has reserved a weapon for these last days, which will be able to overpower the strongholds of the spirit of bondage and usher in the Spirit of adoption and God’s Kingdom: “Behold, I am sending you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD. And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the sons, and the heart of the sons to their fathers, that I not come and strike the earth with utter destruction” (Malachi 4:5,6, MKJV). This prophecy is not concerning a literal visitation from Elijah, but it is referencing the spirit and power of Elijah which John the Baptist walked in to prepare the way for Christ’s first coming (see Lu 1:17), and which will be released in an even greater measure to the Church in these last days, so that the earth will not be struck with utter destruction.

So what is the purpose that the power of the spirit of Eijah is given to accomplish? Just what was written: “…he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the sons, and the heart of the sons to their fathers…” The purpose of the spirit of Elijah is to bring reconciliation between the fathers and the sons, and most importantly, between the Father and His sons. The spirit of Elijah is being released so that the hearts of the children of God will be turned to know their Father, and their hearts will then be turned in the Father’s love toward their children. The spirit of Elijah then, is being released to tear down the resistance, release the spirit of Adoption into the lives of God’s people, establish them in the revelation of the Father’s heart towards them.

But the devil is not so foolish as to helplessly wait for God to finally unleash this dynamic weapon. The adversary has been spending these thousands of years cultivating a spirit to war against the spirit of Elijah. Just as Jezebel was the Prophet Elijah’s greatest adversary in his day, so the greatest adversary of the Elijah in these last days is Jezebel. Just as Elijah is mentioned in end-times prophecy and represents a spirit and power rather than the man himself, so Jezebel is mentioned in end-times prophecy (see Re 2:20) and she too represents a spirit and power rather than the evil woman of that name in history. The spirit of Jezebel is the opposite of the spirit of Elijah in every way, its purpose being to prevent the hearts of the fathers from being turned to the children, and especially to do its best in preventing the children of God from ever turning their hearts to know their Father. However, just as the Prophet Elijah was not defeated by Queen Jezebel – but on the contrary, he succeeded in his calling to raise up sons, and she failed to prevent this and came herself to a gruesome end – so the spirit of Elijah will be victorious over the spirit of Jezebel in these last days. It is important, though, that we do not underestimate the spirit of Jezebel and we are not fooled by its strategies.

One of the particular manifestations of the spirit of Jezebel which reveals that spirit at work, is when a father or grandfather is prevented by his wife from showing love to his children in discipline, reproof and instruction. The wife who is under that spirit will always run interference, and prevent the man from being the father he is supposed to be to His children. In the woman’s mind, she thinks that she is protecting the children from the father, who in her mind doesn’t understand the situation or know how to handle the children. Because of this, she does her best to prevent him from taking his role as a father, and she does her best to ensure that only her methods and personal judgment are exercised.

What does this do to the children? They end up lacking the full influence of their father, which they deeply need so that they can have a right identity and be secure in who they are. Because of their incomplete/skewed understanding of their father, they are not able to relate to God the Father properly, as their concept of a father altogether is false. This also severely hinders them from ever connecting properly to a spiritual leader or father in God’s kingdom, and they will gravitate towards false father-figures within religious and secular systems. The net effect is that they will be inclined towards the caste system and the spirit of bondage, and they will be repelled from truly knowing God.

This is only one of many strategies used by the Jezebel spirit, but many of its devices include the base strategic element of undermining those who are meant to be the leaders (i.e. fathers of the family, spiritual fathers), and usurping their authority. This is usually done in a subtle manner, and while there are instances where the spirit of Jezebel may take a more aggressive and blatant approach, the general rule is deception and shadowy manipulation.

Here is something I picked up from Arthur Burk: another prevalent pattern that can be witnessed in a person who comes under the influence and becomes a carrier of the Jezebel spirit, is that she is usually a woman who has accepted the false belief (whether consciously or unconsciously) that no one will ever take care of her and do what she needs (including God), and she thinks that the only way for her to get what she needs and wants is to get it herself – usually through contriving devices and behavior patterns designed to get it out of others. The basis for the strategies they use is always rooted in manipulation and control.

Why is it usually a woman who is under this spirit? Because a woman who is wounded in her self image – usually being malformed because of deficiency in her upbringing, lacking the influence of a good father, or else having the influence of a bad or abusive father – fits the mold of the Jezebel spirit more naturally, and men who are deficient usually default to other patterns that are more suited to their psychological makeup. But a woman has the fundamental need within her to know that she is loved and that she will be cared for and not abandoned or left to fend for herself. If this need is not met by her family when she is young, by her father in particular, then often she will come to the unconscious conclusion that no one will ever love and take care of her, and therefore she must figure out how to protect herself and acquire the things that she needs (i.e. emotionally, physically, etc.). And if this is further reinforced by a mother who also holds the same ideology, whether consciously or unconsciously, then she will very quickly become a perfect container for the spirit of Jezebel. And it is usually from within this context in childhood that a woman with Jezebelic tendencies will emerge.

It is vitally important to realize that such women who are under the sway of this spirit, are actually just wounded and hurting inside, and because of what is lacking within in them, they have been targeted by a spirit that has completely taken advantage of them. God still loves them, and He wants them to be freed from this false belief and the spirit that feeds on it and so cruelly uses them. That is one of the saddest things about women who have come to a Jezebelic view of life: they think that even God doesn’t love them and even He won’t take care of them. So even if they do come to some degree of relationship with Him, they don’t really trust Him, and they are so deeply rooted in their belief that they must take care of themselves and influence the outcome for things to be well for them, they even try to manipulate God in ways similar to how they manipulate other people. They usually aren’t even aware that they are living their whole lives based on this belief, but it is established on such a deep level in their identity, that they are often completely unconscious of the way that they are living their lives.
There are even many Christian women who believe that they are just normal, whole human beings living for Christ, but they are actually living from a foundation of Jezebelic beliefs and tendencies. These women believe that God exists, and often they even have a good theology on how God works in relation to humanity, but their perspective is skewed on such a foundational level, that even with all of this understanding built up, they still cannot properly relate to God, and they unconsciously reach for something and hold on to anything that gives them a feeling of being able to control God. They don’t see this; they think that they trust God!

But what they have learned has only touched the surface of their lives, and the depths of their foundations are still untouched. And this same internally distorted view of God, malignantly affects every single relationship they have like venom, especially with their most important human relationships: their friends, their children, their spouse. The closer the person, the more this Jezebelic foundation influences every aspect of the relationship. And where there is the Jezebelic foundation, very often the spirit of Jezebel will find a resting place, because it has agreement with the host. Remember the words of Jesus in regard to the demonic: “When the unclean spirit has gone out of a man, he walks through dry places seeking rest, and finds none. Then he said, I will return into my house from where I came out. And when he has come, he finds it empty, swept, and decorated. Then he goes and takes with him seven other spirits more evil than himself, and they enter in and live there…” (Matthew 12:43-45, MKJV; see also Lu 11:24-26). Where there is an emptiness, a void of truth and the absence of the Spirit of Truth, then there is an opening for the demonic to dwell there. That there is such an emptiness in even some Christian women, is evidenced by the untruth of the foundation which these women with Jezebelic tendencies live upon.

What, then, is to be done about all of this?

In regard to the spirit of Jezebel, we must develop and exercise our discernment, seeing where Jezebelic tendencies are evidenced in our lives and the lives of others. And then, we must commence praying intentionally and specifically for those who are under this bondage, asking in the Name of Jesus that God would reveal to them His true heart towards them, and that He would penetrate the lies that are at the foundation of their being, and replace them with His Truth. We should pray that God breaks the stronghold of the spirit of Jezebel and the spirit of bondage over them, and that He would pour out His Spirit of adoption upon them and establish them in His truth and love.

It may or may not be wise to attempt to engage with a person who has a spirit of Jezebel, to try to awaken them to the truth. The only chance that they have to be brought out of the deception, is for the Spirit of Truth to shed the light and love of God abroad in their hearts, and if He is not upon you and leading you to facilitate this, then it is likely that things will only be made worse. As is the general rule with spiritual warfare, prayer is the primary weapon against the spirit and stronghold of Jezebel. However, be sure that you remain within your proper bounds of authority in reference to the spirit of Jezebel itself. You should not attempt to directly bind, rebuke, or cast out that spirit unless you know that you are doing so with the permission and agreement of the person who is under it, or because it is within the bounds of your authority in Christ and is according to the leading of the Spirit. Whatever action you take, do so according to the guidance of the Holy Spirit and based on God’s counsel.

Besides this, we must also ask the Lord to release the spirit of Elijah according to His promise for the last days, on the basis of Matthew 9:37,38 – so that there would be well equipped and empowered laborers for the great harvest, which is at the end of this age (see Mt 13:39). We must seek the Lord concerning the nature of the spirit of Elijah and seek an understanding of its operation from Scripture and the revelation of the Spirit. When we see those who are walking in the spirit of Elijah, whether we recognize them as they are presently fighting the battle for the restoration of the Father Revelation to the Church and in the world, or we see that they have the potential within them and the calling to walk with the Lord in this purpose, we should pray for them to be strengthened and prepared for this mission. We should pray that God raises up the Elijahs in these last days, to contend against the spirit of bondage and the spirit of Jezebel, men and women who will not rest until the Spirit of adoption has been fully received in the Church, and the way has been prepared for the coming of the King of Kings. We should pray that they are successful in their mission, and that they are protected from the wiles of the enemy and his schemes against their lives – that they will be victorious over the spirit of Jezebel and not overcome by it.

They are unique people who will not fit into the same mold that everyone else has fit into, so they are perceived and painted as rebels and miscreants by the present system. They will have a natural dislike for caste systems and every system of bondage and control, and they will always be the number one enemy of the spirit of Jezebel and the spirit of bondage and of the leaders who are devoted to the continuation of the order governed by these spirits. Because of this, the plan of the enemy is to recognize these Elijahs as soon as possible, and then to do everything in his power to crush them and make them feel inadequate, worthless, and stupid. We must pray that they will not be lost in this relentless attack of the enemy from every direction in our culture, but that they will instead be strengthened by the opposition because of being pushed to rely even more on the power of God in their lives.
As the Lord directs us, we should do whatever we can to discern these forerunners of the Lord’s coming, to help them in every way that His Spirit leads us.

Where the spirit of bondage is concerned, we must discontinue our support of every leader and organization that operates according to a system that is in alignment with the teaching of the Nicolaitans. This does not mean that we become adversarial against them and totally reject any degree of relationship with them, but simply that we do not bring ourselves under the wrong authority of those who are actually rulers of a caste system and under a spirit of bondage, and we do not “advertise” for them in such a way that others would have the idea that things are right in their society. We should pray that the Lord would set them free from the spirit of bondage, and that He would pour out His Spirit of adoption and bring them to an understanding of the order of God’s Kingdom.

We should examine ourselves to see if we are living according to the spirit of bondage or the Spirit of adoption, and if there are still areas of our lives where we are still thinking according to its ideology as in Nicolaitan doctrine and the caste system.

And in regard to the Spirit of adoption, we must ask Him to come and fill us, and to examine and set right the foundation of our deepest beliefs, taking out everything that is false and replacing it with His truth. And we must be determined to walk in the revelation of the sonship and fatherhood, knowing who He is and who we are in Him. We should pray also according to the promise in Joel 2:27-29, that God would pour out His Spirit in these last days, and that the Spirit of adoption would be established in the midst of His people. We should do what ever we can to facilitate the move of the Spirit of adoption, following Him in all that we do so as to bring reconciliation and restoration of God’s true purpose for His Church and their leadership structure.

Throughout the Prophets, we are asked the question, “Who shall be able to stand in the day of the Lord?” (see Joe 2:11; Na 1:6; Mal 3:2; Rev 6:17). It is clear that the nations will not be able to stand (see Jer 10:10), but it is God’s intention that His people shall stand and remain established through it all (see Psalm 9:3-10; 58:10,11; Isa 3:10,11,13,14; 40:10,11; Dan 12:2-4; Mic 4:1; Mal 4:1-3).
But who is the person who can stand in the day of the Lord? What is the substance of their being that will enable them to endure? This is a question we must answer for ourselves as we strive to draw near to God and enter His rest, submitting ourselves to God to be formed into the people that will stand with Him in the end.

I believe that a crucial part of our preparation for the day of the Lord, is to understand His plan and how we fit into it in these last days. It is for this reason that I have written the things that are in this article. We need to know what God is going to do and how we are to cooperate with Him in it. And we also need all of the accompanying understanding that He is releasing to us, so that we will be able to discern between the works of the enemy and the works of God, to tear down the demonic strongholds and build up the city of God – to remove every obstacle and make straight a highway in the wilderness for our God (see Isa 40:3-5). As this was the calling of John the Baptist to go before Christ in preparing the way for Him, so it is the calling of all of the Church in these last days.

As the Prophets asked under the inspiration of the Spirit – and as I believe God is asking all of us in these last days, challenging us to set aside every hindrance, and calling us to draw near to Him – I ask you now to answer within yourself: Who shall be able to stand in the day of the Lord? Will you be ready, having His power abiding in you to stand?

Get ready; be prepared, for He is coming quickly.

What is Happening in Atlanta?

This is really scary. This woman, Nancy Schaefer, who was supposedly murdered by her husband was a strong Christian woman who was investigating the Child Protective Services in Atlanta. She was a former state senator of Georgia. She was President of Georgia Eagle Forum, a well-known and respected Pro-Family organization that Phyllis Schlafly started in 1972. She and her husband were both strong Christians. Their deaths have been reported by the media as a murder-suicide, minutes after (or before, it seems) the investigation started. They don’t even say “alleged” when they report it as a murder-suicide. I thought investigations were done before these kinds of allegations were made.

I got this from Riley Dad’s Weblog at the link at the bottom of this post.

Senator Schaefer had been investigating and exposing the Child Protective Services. She had been working on exposing one of the most vile rings of child slave trafficking involving the Child Protective Services agency in Georgia (particularly in the Atlanta area). Her efforts had been thwarted by politicians of both parties and ignored by the media, but she pressed on – more details to follow, but here is the gist of it :

“Specifically in Georgia, former Senator Nancy Schaefer had found during the last few years that:
* DFCS in Georgia housed children in a foster home with a known pedophile who molested the children.
* DFCS in Habersham County failed to remove six children from a home where they are being abused and tortured.
* DFCS in Georgia turned two girls over to a California father who had a pornographic video business.“

Please read the rest of the article at Riley Dad’s Weblog.

It is very disturbing, but it’s better that we know it than that we remain unaware of corruption in our government.

The Hijacking of American Education

Noah Webster – one of the Founding Fathers

Our Founding Fathers wanted all Americans to be educated so that they could read the Bible and learn how to live moral, godly lives. They were trying to build a society with high morals and standards. If people learned what the Bible says, they would treat each other well. Society would benefit from less crime and not having to spend as much money on punishing criminals.

Thomas Jefferson wanted all people to have access to education. His idea was that all children should have the opportunity to be educated. He thought that families that couldn’t afford to pay for education should be able to get their children educated for free.

From David Barton and, in a DVD called The Influence of the Bible on America, I learned that the education that most of the Founding Fathers were thinking of was biblical education. There are many quotes by the Founding Fathers about the importance of the Bible in our schools. They said that the Bible needed to be central in what was taught in the schools. The New England Primer was full of Bible verses and reading portions based on the Bible.

Patrick Henry said that “The Bible is a book worth more than all the other books that were ever printed.”

Noah Webster said, “The Bible is the chief moral cause of all that is good and the best corrector of all that is evil in human society… the best book for regulating the temporal (that is, secular) concerns of men.”

Dr. Benjamin Rush: “The Bible… should be read in our public schools in preference to all other books from its containing the greatest portion of that kind of knowledge which is calculated to produce private and public happiness.”

According to Daniel Webster: “To the free and universal reading of the Bible… men (are) much indebted for right views of civil liberty. The Bible is… a book which teaches man his own individual responsibility, his dignity, and his equality with his fellow man.”

The Puritan view of children: Children are born with a sinful nature. They must be taught and corrected or they would go in a bad direction and not become morally good people. The parents felt that it was their responsibility to train and mold them so that they would grow up to live good lives.

From Israel Wayne as he was interviewed by Cindy Rushton on Mom-to-Mom Radio Show on a program called What About Socialization?, I learned about the shift in thinking that took place because of the writings of French and English philosophers of the Enlightenment period.

John Locke (1632-1704) believed that children are a blank slate at birth. He thought that they started with no nature or will at all – that it was all impressed on them by outside influences. This was a reaction against the Protestant view that children are born sinful and that if left to themselves, they would drift away from what is morally right. The Enlightenment philosophers tried to eradicate this idea that children are sinful at birth or moral depravity. He thought that everything they became was the result of experience and external influences acting on that child.

Jean Jaques Rousseau (1712-1778) believed that children are innately good and get corrupted by society. He put forth the idea of the “noble savage”. He thought that a child would be the pinnacle of human perfection if there was no outside influence. His views have been foundational in the way the government school system is set up today. It’s strange that people would consider him an expert on children and how to raise them. Ironically, he did not raise any children of his own. He fathered 5 illegitimate children and took them to an orphanage as infants. If he thought children were so good, why didn’t he even want his own children around? He didn’t even care to check the gender of his children. He didn’t know if his children were boys or girls. His ideas have been foundational in shaping today’s American government education.

Friedrich Froebel (1782-1852) never married and never raised children. He was the founder of the modern-day kindergarten. He shaped the system of education we have today. He thought children were being contaminated by their parents. Removing children from home as early as possible and getting them into an institutional environment was his answer. Children were bad and disobedient because they had spent too much time with their parents, so they needed to be taken from them as early as possible. The person a child spends the most time with is the person the child is most eager to please. Headstart, preschool, early day care and all of the programs that take children out of the home early and put them in an academic educational environment came out of the ideas of Friedrich Froebel. He believed they would do much better in school and have more opportunities for advancement if taken away from parents earlier.

The Puritans, influenced by Luther and John Calvin and founders of the Protestant Reformation believed that children are born with a sinful nature and need to be trained, guided, and directed by wise parents as they make the transition into adult life. They believed that this was the parents’ responsibility. The philosophers said that the problem was not the sin nature of children but the corrupting influences of parents. They were trying to rescue children from their parents.

Then the philosophers’ ideas took over and schools became a replacement for parents. They believed that they could produce children who were the pinnacle of human perfection if they had the children for long periods of time and kept them away from their parents.

So there was a shift to social education around 1840.

Horace Mann (1796-1859) established compulsory attendance. He was a Unitarian. He believed that Christianity was a scourge to the nation. He wanted to eradicate Christianity from the landscape of America. He used propaganda to convince Massachusetts parents to put children in government-run schools. He played on their fears that the Catholics would take over the education in America. Up to that time, they were mostly homeschooling or had their children in locally run schools. He wanted to gather all of the students into one government school and keep out doctrinal distinctives. He said that it would have to be made mandatory that all children be sent to a government school. There would be accountability to make sure that nobody was violating the anti-sectarian perspective. They could still talk about God, but it had to be generic. He pitched this idea to the churches, and they believed him and went along with it. The government-run schools slowly whittled away the Christian influence in the schools. It was compulsory, so the children all ended up attending schools that didn’t teach the Bible at all. They’ve all been brainwashed to believe a far different worldview than the biblical worldview that the Founding Fathers wanted to instill in the children of our nation.

This was a major paradigm shift from homeschooling and private education to government-run education.

Karl Marx (1818-1883) first used the term social education. The term social education is actually used in the Communist Manifesto. He said that we need to rescue education from the ruling middle class, meaning the parents, and stop the exploitation of children by their parents. He said we have to replace home education with social education. In order to implement their strategy, they needed to remove education from the home and replace it with social education. Marx and Horace Mann both wanted to eradicate the influence of Christianity in society. They stressed that there needed to be “access” to education for all. Making attendance mandatory in these government schools seems to be the way they guaranteed that everyone would have “access”.

William James (1842-1910) founded a philosophy called pragmatism. He believed that the end justifies the means – whatever works is right. He told teachers that the main thing they should do is shape the behavior of the students. The main goal is not to pass on information, but to shape values.

Most people think that the reason for government schools is to pass on information, but that is not really true. The real reason is to shape the students’ values.

Ivan Pavlov (1849-1936), a Russian scientist inspired by Charles Darwin, believed in biological evolution. He wrote that children could be conditioned like lab rats. His methods are used every day in schools. Children in our schools are herded from class to class by responding to bells, like Pavlov’s dog. It’s really degrading and takes away from our human dignity. They treat students like research animals. These practices do not encourage deep and involved study. They teach children to look to someone else for approval and qualification and permission for everything they do. They want to have support from others or they’re afraid to try things that they really feel called to do.

B.F. Skinner (1904-1990) believed that we are just biological machines. He introduced to the schools programmed instruction. He said that humans are like computers and can be programmed. People complained that he reduced humans to the level of machines and said that he was taking away from the dignity of humanity. In 1971, he wrote Beyond Freedom and Dignity in which he said, “Just get over it”. He said we don’t have freedom of choice or human dignity. (On a personal note, I don’t think I want to go beyond freedom and dignity.) He shared the belief that children are corrupted by parents. He put his daughter in a glass cage and only fed her with rubber gloves and utensils. He never touched her because he thought that if he held her or she was nursed by her mother, she would be contaminated and would not become the pinnacle of human perfection that he was trying to mold her into.

It seems strange that the ideas of these men were adopted by the educational establishment when they were so far from the mainstream beliefs of their times about children and child development and the needs of children.

John Dewey (1859-1952) has shaped the American government schools more than anybody else in the last 150 years. He was the father of the Progressive Education Movement. He was an avowed socialist. He signed the first Humanist Manifesto. Early in his life he had been a Christian. But when he went to college his faith was deconstructed by secular professors who taught him to deny the Christian faith and he became an agnostic or perhaps an atheist. He became a teacher of teachers at Columbia University in the 1930’s. Most people don’t know that he and two colleagues decided to change the way the schools would teach. Dewey taught teachers in the methodology they would use and the others would focus on the content of what was to be taught. They pulled three of the subjects that had previously been taught – History, Civics and Geography and replaced them with one subject that had never been taught before- Social Studies. Social as in social education, socialization, sociology… SOCIALISM. They all come from the same root. Socialism means forced equality. Government equalizes everything and makes sure that everybody has the same no matter how much work each one does. They try to get rid of rich and poor and level society so that there are no classes and everyone shares equally. Unfortunately, there has never been a class-less society come out of this system. All that happens is that the middle class is eradicated. You have a few rich and very many poor who are dependent on and subservient to the government. They wanted to teach economic socialism as a worldview in the government schools and if they could control the schools they could control the entire country. They could create a whole nation of people who would believe in Socialism. It looks like they have succeeded.

The Social Studies program was so radical that parents finally figured out what it was and had it removed from the schools in 1950. But the damage was done. Five million students had twenty years of being indoctrinated in Socialism and believing that the government is supposed to do everything for you. After World War II, when the New Deal came about, they were open to Social Security and the idea that the government should provide for their retirement. They were open to the Federal Reserve and the expansion of government in all areas of life. There was very little resistance because American students had had twenty years of being indoctrinated in a socialistic curriculum called Social Studies.

Another thing people don’t know about is that in the 1930’s there was a connection between the NEA and the government schools of Russia. In 1934, the NEA invited the Russian government to set up a booth to recruit teachers to come to Russia and learn how to teach economic socialism in the classroom and to come back and promote this kind of teaching. Thousands of American teachers went to Russia in the 1930’s and learned to teach Socialism. In 1936, the keynote speaker at the NEA convention said that Russia was the model that American schools should be patterned after, and he received a standing ovation.

This is why many senior citizens of today have a more socialistic worldview than many of us who are younger and conservative. They were taught from those socialistic textbooks back in the 1930’s through 1950.

John Dewey changed the way teachers taught. He agreed with Karl Marx that we need to get the children away from parents as early as possible and keep them as long as we can. He told teachers if they put 30 children the same age into the same room for 9 months or longer as many hours as you can get, within one year the vast majority of the students will become peer dependent. The form of the classroom will break their allegiance to their parents. Marx said “this most hallowed” allegiance must be broken if we’re going to accomplish our agenda. Pragmatism says it doesn’t matter how you do it, just do it. The peer group replaces the parents. They said things to the kids like “Don’t believe what your parents are telling you. They’re just trying to push Christianity on you.” The children told the parents and there was a backlash. So John Dewey wrote that teachers needed to be less obvious and let the herd mentality take over. Allow them to become peer dependent, then infiltrate the group and suggest a fun way to make a change that you want them to make. The number two value in life is “Be your own selfish pig”. The number one value is “Remember that you have to think of society. You don’t want to cause the species to die out.” Children are taught now that they should make up their own minds and explore, not accept what their parents say. They are taught to make decisions according to their own pleasure and for the best of society. Dewey was so effective that he broke the allegiance between parents and their children. The motivation behind creating a classroom of children all the same age as early as possible for as long as possible is to make them peer dependent which breaks the allegiance between the child and the parent. Then the teacher can infiltrate the herd and steer them any direction he wants them to go.

John Dewey said that once there is a herd mentality, children can be convinced to do anything. Look at Hitler’s youth. How could that happen? It was the view of the herd. They got to be part of the herd. This idea of socialization had its origins in the ideas of the masterminds of socialism. The reason they wanted to replace home education with social education was to break “this most hallowed of relations” between parent and child.

Dr. Dobson said ‘that a child’s sense of self-worth is determined by what the most influential person in their life thinks of them’. If that person is a warm, encouraging parent, the child will most likely have a good sense of self-worth. If it is a child’s peer group, the opinions expressed will probably be less favorable or complimentary. If the allegiance to the parent is shaken, the child will want to do whatever the substitute wants them to do. If the substitute is the peer group, they stop caring what the parents think and they stop wanting to do anything with their family and just want to hang out with their friends.

Israel then gave two examples from his personal experience of what happened to him and to a friend of his because of becoming peer dependent and then doing whatever the herd wanted them to do. Israel actually wrote out a declaration of independence from his mom when he was 12 years old and told her to get out of his life. He had previously been homeschooled, but he went to a private Christian school for sixth grade where he adopted this “independent” attitude. His friend ended up having to go to prison for first-degree murder. He killed a man because his friends told him to do it, and he didn’t know how to say no. His friends had become the most important, influential people in his life. And as John Dewey said, when a child becomes peer dependent, he can be talked into doing anything.

Here are some Scriptures that counter the view of the Enlightenment philosophers concerning the condition of a child’s heart.

Isaiah 53:6 All we like sheep have gone astray;

We have turned, every one, to his own way;

And the LORD has laid on Him the iniquity of us all.

Psalm 51:5 Behold, I was brought forth in iniquity,

And in sin my mother conceived me.

Jer. 17:9 The heart is deceitful above all things,

And desperately wicked;

Who can know it?

Psalm 58:3 The wicked are estranged from the womb;

They go astray as soon as they are born, speaking lies.

Here are some Scriptures that support keeping children in a warm, loving family environment instead of putting them in situations that will cause them to become peer dependent.

I Cor. 15:33 Do not be deceived: “Evil company corrupts good habits.”

Prov. 22:15 Foolishness is bound up in the heart of a child;

The rod of correction will drive it far from him.

Prov. 13:20 He who walks with wise men will be wise,

But the companion of fools will be destroyed.

Bad company corrupts good character. Some children can’t stand up to the enormous peer pressure they experience in school classrooms and other similarly organized groups. When they are around other immature children, they act differently than they would if they were alone. Parents should take measures to keep their children’s hearts. They should not just turn their children over to “the experts” to teach them values or to their peer group to be socialized.

The ideal of educating all of our citizens so that they could read the Bible has obviously been thrown by the wayside. The goal of the overwhelming majority of educators in our country is now to shape the values of our nation’s children and to bring them to a more progressive worldview. The goal of socialization is to cause children to become peer dependent. Then when they are peer dependent, the schools can convince them to do anything they want them to and believe whatever they tell them. These goals are directly counter to what God has commanded us as Christian parents to do with our children. We are responsible to correct, discipline, teach and direct the instruction of our children. We are the ones that God holds accountable for teaching them moral values and the Word of God.

I was very surprised to learn to what extent our American schools were influenced by Socialists. It makes me sad to think of the grand ideals that our Founding Fathers had for our schools and to see how the schools were hijacked by people who had such diametrically opposing views to what our Founding Fathers believed.

God’s Provision is Unstoppable, We Now Have Beds that are Unpoppable!

We have real beds now! We have been sleeping on air beds for about a year now. We left all of our old, decrepit mattresses in Kansas City when we moved to Belleville. And we knew that we would only be staying in the house in Belleville for a short time, so we just bought air beds rather than mattresses and beds. We wanted to save money, and we wanted to have less stuff to move when the time came to go somewhere else.

But we’re feeling more settled here. We have a longer lease here. So we’re getting some real furniture. Gary and I got a mattress and box springs last week from Weekends Only, which is only open on the weekends and has great prices. Check it out at As I type this, Gary is putting together bunk beds we bought there for the younger boys. Yesterday, we rented a truck to haul the bunk beds and to pick up furniture from our friend, Carolyn, in St. Louis. While we were at Weekends Only, our friend, Marc, called about white metal bunk beds he just bought at a garage sale for $35. We went over and got them and loaded them with the ones we had just bought. Now we had bunk beds for two of the boys and bunk beds for two of the girls. When we go to pick up Carolyn’s furniture, we will have a whole bedroom set for the big boys. Anna got a new (to her) bedroom set last week and painted it herself (pink, of course!). We just need a couple more beds and everyone will have a real bed.

The boys' dreaded air bed

The boys' dreaded air bed

The little boys' new bunk beds

The little boys' new bunk beds

Poppable air bed - no more!

Poppable air bed - no more!

The girls' new bunk beds

The girls' new bunk beds

Anna's new bed and night stand - more pics to come as she finishes painting

Anna's new bed and night stand - more pics to come as she finishes painting

No more beds that leak air or get popped when the overzealous young ones get too rowdy and treat our beds like trampolines. We went through about 20 air beds during that year. That got pretty expensive, not to mention the trouble we had getting out of bed in the mornings when the middle of the bed sank down to the floor! And the twins were in the doghouse more than they were out of it while we had air beds.

Thank you, Lord, for Your abundant provision!

I’ll post more pics after we get our haul tonight from our friend in St. Louis.

God’s Timing: Man Says, “Too Late”, God Says, “Just Wait”

I was so upset about not being out of the house by the time the owners returned. I was stressing out in a big way, lots more than I usually do. The kids wondered what my problem was. They know that God always takes care of us, so they couldn’t understand why I was so upset.

Well, part of my problem was that I had actually made a plan in my mind for how we would get out of the house early enough to come back and clean the house after all the kids were out and nobody would be there to mess it up right after I cleaned. We actually found a house and got the keys by the 15th of July, so it looked like everything was going according to plan. But then the management group didn’t clean the house like they said they would. It was going to be a step down from the quality of living we had gotten used to. We would have had lots of space, but the appliances were older and didn’t even work, in some cases. The house still smelled like dog, and there was still dog hair in the carpet. The rental management group, Strano and Associates, said they would get everything cleaned and in working order, but they didn’t do it. They told us it had already been cleaned, and when I found dog hair in the corners and in the middle of the room, it didn’t seem to faze Linda Linder, who runs the property management group. She still insisted that the carpets had already been professionally cleaned. She had told me that the dishwasher was being replaced because it didn’t work. But then my husband got a call from a repairman who said that he was supposed to go fix the dishwasher.

There were so many things that we didn’t really like about the house that I went straight back to the rental management office after getting the keys and told her that we couldn’t live there. Linda told me that I couldn’t get out of the contract. We held our ground until they finally let us out of the contract about 2 weeks later. We would have hated living in that dark and dirty house. That kitchen was not a happy place, and I spend too much time in the kitchen to have one that is dark and dreary.

We went through all of that and then we had to try to find a house in less than a week and get out of the house we were in by August 1. All of that stress was just too much!

I went to the park with Emma one evening and met a woman named Crystal who told me about her church that met just across the road from our subdivision in the Elks building. At first, I wasn’t interested because “churchy” church is a real turn-off to us. But she told me a little bit about it, and I realized that I needed someone to pray for me and we needed someone to come alongside us and pray for us to find the right house at the right time.

So we went to the church that Sunday. They greeted us at the door and told us that the pastor was out with a kidney stone and the lady I had met at the park wouldn’t be coming, because her husband had a kidney stone and she was taking him to the hospital. The worship leader was gone. The service was not going to be typical, so we shouldn’t judge the church by what we saw that day. Well, the people were very friendly, and we enjoyed the fellowship, so I went back to the Tuesday prayer meeting. I met the pastor and his wife that night. They were very nice and genuine. I really liked their views of the purpose of Christian people gathering together. Not church as usual, but coming together like the New Testament church, working to help the poor and needy. They want to buy the Elks building they rent, but it will cost lots more money than they have. They are trying to raise the faith level of the people so that they can all pray and believe for the amount of money they need. They understand the power of agreement and the laws of sowing and reaping and other principles of faith that we learned along our journey. The building has a kitchen and lots of other amenities that would work well for feeding people and helping people in the ways they have in mind. The sermons have been about faith, and they have been so confirming and uplifting. I say “amen” a lot throughout the sermons. And our heart is to help poor and oppressed people, too.

The church prayed for us that first Sunday. I started calming down and getting my faith back in order. I stopped yelling and getting upset about every little thing. The kids were thankful, I’m sure. Not to mention Gary. It was nice to know that people were praying for us. I knew that God was at work, but I didn’t know what He was doing.

I really wanted to be out of the house by Aug. 1, but it was impossible. We couldn’t find a house to move into, thanks to occupancy limits in neighboring towns that were unfriendly to large families – discriminatory, if you ask me. (We have encountered lots of injustice along the way.) On Aug. 2, the owners came to our door and rang the doorbell. It was one of those dreaded moments when your worst nightmare is about to come true. I’ve had a few of those in the last several years. I immediately told them that I had tried to get us out of there, but I just wasn’t able to. They assured me that everything was okay. Their stuff was still in Israel and they were staying with a brother-in-law. So it was okay that we were still in their house. They gave us 2 more weeks to find a place to move to. They understood our situation and were not upset at us. OH, heavy sigh and lots of happy dancing, and even a hug or two!

We finally found a house that we would be allowed to occupy and got the final word of the owners’ approval on Aug. 13. We rented a truck the next day, loaded it all day long, took the first load to the new house at midnight and went back to pick up the rest of the kids and the rest of the big stuff after midnight. We were out of the house in 2 weeks, just like they wanted. But there was still some stuff in the house that we couldn’t get because of lack of time and manpower. At 9:00 that Friday night, I knew we were going to need help. I called the pastor and asked if he could get some people and trucks together to help us move the rest of our stuff the next morning. He said he would do that. Gary and I had to take the moving truck back by morning, so we did all we could do that night and then returned the truck at 5:00 AM. We then went back to the house and did some more. We didn’t get in bed until 7:00 AM. We knew we couldn’t get up and get back over to the house by 10:00, the time I had told the pastor we would meet him. So we texted him and told him to cancel that time, and I called him later and asked if we could possibly do it Sunday instead. He said he would announce it, and we would do it after church at about 2:00. He was so nice about it and very willing, actually anxious to help us. We walked into the service just as he was announcing that they needed people to help a family move. He said, “Oh, here they are now” and everybody looked back at us. It was perfect timing. Nobody really knew us yet, but now they knew who he was talking about.

At 2:00, we were at the house, and several pickup trucks and a trailer pulled up and lots of people hopped out to help us finish our move. The pastor took charge and organized an assembly line to get our boxes packed into the trailer and then each pickup truck. They worked so fast and efficiently that everything was loaded in no time. We saw how the Body can work together to make things easier and less stressful when they have leadership that encourages such things. After all of that, they told me that they would come back and help me clean whenever I wanted to do that. We set the day for Tuesday. They came and cleaned the whole house just the way I had envisioned being able to do it with the house empty. But they did it in 3 hours. It would have taken me several days. And I couldn’t have gotten it as clean as they did even if I had a couple of weeks. (Cleaning is not my forte.)

I needed to do some laundry and asked the owners if I could use their washing machine and dryer a little bit longer. I used it Tuesday night for the last time, and we were out of the house for good. We never could have accomplished it without the church’s help. We have had a bad taste in our mouths about “churches” because of the way we’ve been treated in the past, but this group of believers has been better than family to us.

The owners started getting picky about things that were broken and saying that we needed to fix things ourselves. We had already offered half of the deposit because we knew there were some repairs that would have to be made. They kept insisting that we make the repairs or hire someone to do it. We kept telling them to take it out of the deposit. We were able to get an estimate from the pastor who helped us clean, since he was a carpenter with 26 years of experience, that showed that the repairs would cost far less than half of the deposit. We were being generous in our offer, which is what we wanted to be. It put my mind at ease, knowing that we were being more than fair in offering half of the deposit.

If we had gotten out of the house by Aug. 1, I would never have visited that church. I wouldn’t have met Crystal. I wouldn’t have had anybody to call for help when we just couldn’t do everything ourselves. I wouldn’t have had peace of mind about what’s happening with the owners and their demands. I wouldn’t have had the prayers of the saints that have carried me through another uncertain time of accusation and expectations that are impossible to fulfill.

I keep facing these fears, and I would so much rather not have to go through them. But the Lord keeps making me go head to head with people opposing us and falsely accusing us and expecting more from us than we owe them. People seem to think that we’re naive and gullible because we’re kind and compassionate. They try to take advantage of us and take from us what God has blessed us with. But God always helps us to see what is going on and defends us from their schemes. We are still in the middle of the conflict with Strano and the owners of our former house. Strano kept $822 of what we paid them for the house that we never occupied for even a moment. We never moved one thing into that house. We barely spent one hour in that house, but they made us pay $822 rent for the last half of August. And we don’t have our half of the security deposit yet. We are waiting, again, but God is always faithful. His timing is perfect. You just have to wait for it.

Something to Talk About

I love homeschooling. We do it without even trying. Right now we are seeing so much in the news and on ministry websites that are so controversial and unbelievable that we just read, watch, discuss and pray and there’s our homeschool for the day. We discuss things like whether homosexuality is really a sin (duh) and whether socialism is a good system (duh again) and whether people should be allowed to kill babies. We see abortion clinics killing babies even after they’ve been born alive and my children, as young as they are, know that that is wrong. Why are there so many older people that don’t know that that is wrong?

We are establishing a foundation based on the Word of God and His principles. This is something that children who go to public school are not getting there. It’s not allowed to even be spoken of. Nobody is allowed to say anything about the one true God, but they can talk about any other god or religion. No one can judge anybody for anything, except for being a bigoted, radical right-wing extremist Christian. We are now being called the enemy. We are being called terrorists. Things are getting pretty scary. But whatever happens, my kids will know what they believe and why. They have a foundation. They won’t be tossed by every wind of doctrine and every claim of change. They are seeing what people are saying and believing, and they are seeing what happened to other countries that tried the systems that people are accepting now. They’re learning history right along with current events. Each of my children is learning what he is capable of understanding. I’m not testing them on any of this information. But I know they are picking up eternal truths and values that are shaping their views for the future.

I’m so glad I don’t have to send them to public school to be indoctrinated. I can’t believe the kind of thinking that predominates among the generation of people just out of college and in college and high school now. Just look at what they believe. Can you see children turning in their own parents to the authorities because they’re not following the rules? It doesn’t look too far-fetched to me. We need prayer in the homes. It’s sure not going to happen in the schools.