Nature Study aka Fishing with the Grandparents

Blue heron we saw at the fishing pond

We found all kinds of cool nature things while we went fishing on Father’s Day with my mom and dad. Here’s some of the wildlife we saw…


Weather and Nature Study – in Pictures

This seems to be happening more often. Or am I just noticing it more?

These clouds looked like they might produce a tornado.

Look at those black clouds!

We found this baby bunny in our garage!

We've been seeing lots of goldfinches. They like thistle seed.

We had a hailstorm one day. Talk about exciting. Hailstones were bouncing all over our yard!

Kelsey was the first to notice the hail. She collected some for us to see up close.

The hailstones were marble-sized.

A white moth we found in the house

This rainbow hung around for about 20 minutes. It kind of moved higher up in the sky. Do they do that?

A Fruit Bouquet with chocolate-covered strawberries and bananas! My kids got this for me for Mother's Day. Fiona and Emma picked lots of clovers and wildflowers for me. What a wonderful nature-full Mother's Day gift!

And on… and on

On Friday, these hungry caterpillars ate through apples, pears, strawberries, oranges, muskmelon, and even pickles. The pickles were not on my menu (I’m not a big pickle person), but the boys must have read the book and noticed that a pickle was included in the caterpillar’s Saturday menu. Anyway… they ate through all of these foods, and guess what!!! They were still hungry!!!

Romans 8:28 I See Some Things Working Together For Our Good

We are still here and still waiting. There are 2 houses that we have applied for. Other people have applied for them, too. I don’t know how they will decideIMG_2656 who to rent the house to, but I hope our urgent need will cause someone to give us a higher priority.

We liked both houses pretty well. There are different advantages and drawbacks to each one, but we could make either of them work. The one is bigger, but the subdivision seems more crowded and sterile. The house has some neat decorative touches that I really like. The other seems more homey, and it’s in a small town, but still a subdivision. OH, there’s a walking trail across the street from this house. I would really like that! But I would be happy with either one. I just want to know where we’re going to live next!!!

I think the Lord has kept us in this house a little bit longer for several different reasons. I walked to the fellowship meeting across the street from our subdivision Tuesday night and enjoyed talking with some fellow Christians who really believe in living by faith. The pastor has quit his job and is going to do full-time ministry for the “church” from now on. I hesitate to use the word “church” because I don’t like the way church is usually carried out. This group of believers has the same ideas about living the Christian life as a body of believers as I do. Their vision is to reach out to the lost and share the gospel and also to minister to the needs of hurting people, believers and non-believers. They don’t want to just get together and meet like a social club.

So I got to talk with the pastor and his wife, and I’ve talked with some of the others there, and I really think we could connect with them. If we hadn’t lived here this extra time, I wouldn’t have had a chance to meet them.

We are also getting to know our next-door neighbors better during these final days here. I’ve found out that the lady next door is very sweet. She is so kind and patient with my twins and Emma. She let them water her plants the other day and gave them candy to share with their brothers and sisters. She came over and gave me some clothes yesterday. Its nice to know that we lived next to a nice person all this time. It’s too bad we didn’t know that while we lived here!


Just the last 2 days, I’ve taken advantage of the track that’s very close to where we live, and I’ve walked around it in the morning before the kids get up and before it gets too hot. Why didn’t I do that the whole time we lived here? I was unable to think clearly until now, I guess. Long-lasting Mommy Brain.

But I can see that God kept us here a little longer for several reasons, and I shouldn’t have gotten so upset when things weren’t working out in MY timing.


He works all things together for our good. He’s so good!

Abby in her spring dress eating clover

Abby in her spring dress, bubbles, Emma 060

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Abby looks so cute in her new spring dress. The only problem is that it’s very hard to crawl in.

Abby in her spring dress, crawling

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Abby in her spring dress eating clover 065

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But she doesn’t mind. She’ll just sit and eat clover.

Abby Eats Herself into Oblivion!

Abby in her spring dress, bubbles, Emma 109

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Eating animal crackers can be so exhausting!

Emma’s Changing Hairstyles

Emma in high chair in camo

This is a picture of Emma about a year ago.

This is a picture of Emma about 5 months ago.

This is a picture of Emma about 5 months ago.

Two months ago

Two months ago

NOW!  What's missing in this picture?

NOW! What's missing in this picture?

At least I won't have to cut her bangs for a while...

At least I won't have to cut her bangs for a while...


Is it morning already?

Is it morning already?

Wow, I guess I should write something now

I have been writing a little bit on my homeschoolblogger blog, but I just realized that the only people who can get on there are people who have blogs there.  So now I’m going to start putting things on here.  Pictures, lapbooks, homeschool happenings, family happenings, etc. are soon to come.  I’ve also been doing a lot on Facebook and Twitter.  I already spend too much time on the computer, and now I’m adding this blog, but I will make it something worthwhile.  I promise.