Nature Study aka Fishing with the Grandparents

Blue heron we saw at the fishing pond

We found all kinds of cool nature things while we went fishing on Father’s Day with my mom and dad. Here’s some of the wildlife we saw…


Best Dad and Grandpa – Hands Down!

Gary wearing his shirt we made. He is a very affectionate Dad!
Grandma and Grandpa really wanted to go fishing and have a picnic. So we did! It was so hot that we had to take our food back home to eat it. A few of us started to feel a little sick. It might have been because of the heat. Dad got really sick after we got back home. He didn’t even get to eat our picnic food.
Grandpa took care of the fishing poles and baiting the hooks for the little ones – and the squeamish ones!
His grandchildren are crazy about him. Grandpa even caught a fish himself! He only paid $20 for that privilege.

Further down the page…
Grandpa has his shirt on too.  He’s kind of buried in this shot on the couch!  He wasn’t feeling too good when we took this picture.  But he’s a trooper!

Father’s Day Creativity

I helped Garrett make this Toolbox for his Daddy for Father’s Day.  I felt so creative!

I had to put together that cute tape measure and really all of the tools.  Garrett might have been able to do some of it, but I just went ahead and did it myself.  I knew he wouldn’t mind!  I was running out of time, too.  He did a good job of telling me what he wanted to write on each tool.

I made a hammer with a nail in wood, a tape measure, a plane with real sandpaper, a saw in a piece of wood, a nut and bolt.

I got this from Cross-Eyed Curriculum at  It’s called Dad’s Toolbox.  Fitting name, huh?

We also made a T-shirt with the kids’ handprints on it. And we made an apron with their handprints on it. He cooks a lot and wears an apron to protect his clothes. We even made a T-shirt for my dad with their handprints. He was here to get it in person! Then I made a lapbook. It’s the very first lapbook that I designed all by myself. I used the clipart from Appleworks for most of the booklets, but I had a brainstorm in the middle of the night that would be more appealing to the big boys. I found some pictures from Halo 3 and made booklets out of them. They did react with way more excitement than they had been showing about the whole lapbook idea. I finally got each one of the kids to write something nice to their daddy in a booklet and then glued them into the lapbook.

I worked hard to honor my own dad and Gary this Father’s Day! I made a neat card for my dad and had Fiona make it for Gary. I even had two of her little friends make this same card for their dads. They were really cute. Unfortunately, my dad was sick on Father’s Day. He couldn’t get too excited about the gifts we gave him, but we knew that he was too sick to react any differently. I got this card as a freebie from The Old Schoolhouse online conference. It was designed by Hold That Thought. I thought it was lovely.

Emma Loves…

It appears that Emma loves her new chalk.

Snapshots of Spring

Hurry, hurry, drive the fire truck! We played at the park on a nice warm, not HOT day back in April! It was beautiful and the kids had so much fun!

a twin on a two-wheeler

Another twin on a two-wheeler

We went to the park earlier in the spring, and the kids loved it so much. Emma says almost every day that she wants to go to the park. The kids spend lots of time outside, but there’s not very much to do. Looking at our yard, you would think we live in a desert area. In fact, it’s the opposite. We live in a swampy area. We just have a very patchy yard that needs a lot of help! We’re praying and believing for a broad (spacious) place to call home. Ps. 18:19 It will come!

The twins both learned to ride their bikes without training wheels about a month ago, so now they can do that. We have nice sidewalks they can ride on. But I still won’t let them ride on the street. I ride with one of the babies on the back of my bike from time to time. But we still can’t really all ride at the same time. We need one more baby seat to be able to do that.

I would take them to the park if I had a car or a van. So we’re thanking God for providing that van that we need so that we can all go places together and I can go somewhere during the day if I need to or want to. There’s a neat pond near us where I could take them fishing, too. Nature study galore!

We had beautiful spring weather and were able to do school outside a couple of days. We enjoyed hearing the birds singing and looking at the clouds.

This spring and the whole year preceding it has been a new season in our lives. We have had abundance and all of our needs have been met without having to pray in every meal and a roof over our heads every night. Living by faith was hard work! Our bills are paid and we’re out of debt. The kids’ teeth are fixed, and we’re all in good health. I’m so grateful for God’s abundant provision. He who has called us is faithful. 1 Cor. 1:9

Anna got a new chair for her birthday. She loves it and really uses it. She does her schoolwork in it, quiet and alone in her room.

Thank you, Lord, for a beautiful spring season! We are looking forward to this new season and what You have in store for us.


And on… and on

On Friday, these hungry caterpillars ate through apples, pears, strawberries, oranges, muskmelon, and even pickles. The pickles were not on my menu (I’m not a big pickle person), but the boys must have read the book and noticed that a pickle was included in the caterpillar’s Saturday menu. Anyway… they ate through all of these foods, and guess what!!! They were still hungry!!!

More Eggs and Ham that are Green

For the rest of the kids, eating green eggs and ham is blase. They have eaten it for so many years, they are experts.

As a culminating activity, we watched Green Eggs and Ham on the computer.

Family Tradition: St. Patrick’s Day Meets Green Eggs and Ham

This is one of our favorite family traditions. On St. Patrick’s Day I make ham and eggs and dress it up a little with some green food coloring. We all love it! Gary probably wouldn’t be too crazy about it, but he’s always at work when I make it anyway. Kelsey helped me cook this year. It’s so nice to have some kids that are old enough to help with things like cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc.

I ran out of green food coloring, but never fear – we know that yellow and blue makes green, so we just used blue food coloring instead. There was one small problem though. The ham wasn’t yellow, so it didn’t turn green. It turned blue. But nobody seemed to care about the color; they just loved the flavor.

Emma was so cute. She ate some last year but didn’t remember it. She looked a little bit unsure of the green stuff on her plate at first. But she’s a trooper. Not much can stop her from eating. She dug in and ended up loving it.

Is it morning already?

Is it morning already?