Becoming Objective and Accurate (via Influential Parenting)

Here is the next installment in Barbie’s series about how she was changed by the Holy Spirit so that she could disciple her whole family, including her husband, and teach them how to speak the truth in love and truly walk in love.

Becoming Objective and Accurate Over the past several blog posts I’ve been remembering and recounting how the Lord set me free from allowing my husband to control me. I began this part of my story with Peeling Bananas in Secret. The situations I’ve been recounting happened in February, March and April of 2006. Over the next 5 months I continued to allow the Lord to change me. I was learning how to relate rightly with people around me. I learned through conversations with Marily … Read More

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Available to be Parented (via Influential Parenting)

This is another post in the series by Barbie Poling about how the Holy Spirit led her to disciple her husband. What an awesome testimony!

Available to be Parented My repentance and freedom from my self-centered ways of being motivated and controlled by my husband’s accusations and anger brought even more changes to our lives. I realized that since I had been receiving Tim’s blame and believing that I caused his anger, I had taught my children the same. I had directed them to rush around with me trying to fix things in an attempt to keep him from getting angry, and I had modeled to them a general fear of Da … Read More

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