The Ministry of Reconciliation (via Influential Parenting)

I am so impressed with these blog posts by Barbie Poling at Influential Parenting that I keep passing them on here on this blog.

She covers such basic ideas that most of us Christians think we have understood, but we have missed the full meaning and application to our own lives. Do you really know what the Ministry of Reconciliation really means?

Read Barbie’s post and find out how you can fulfill this important ministry in your own home.

The Ministry of Reconciliation I’ve been writing in my blogs lately about my memories of the beginning of my process of learning the principles of Influential Parenting. My memories are over the backdrop of the incredible miracles that took place in my mom’s life due to the obedience and instruction of Marilyn Howshall. You can read about these miracles on the Influential Parenting website. As it became more and more obvious that the miraculous changes in my mom were not going … Read More

via Influential Parenting


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