Love Empowers Obedience (via Influential Parenting)

This is the latest post that Barbie Poling has written about unconditional self-sacrificing grace-filled truth-telling love and the dramatic effect it has on our relationships within our families.

Love Empowers Obedience A few months after my whole family’s life was radically changed through the events that I’ve been writing about in my recent blogs, I was sitting in my friend’s living room visiting as my kids and hers were all in the family room playing together after having finished off the pizza we had brought with us.  Her 13yr old son came in to get something around 7:30pm. She called him to her and said, “Go tell your sister that it’s 7:30 and she needs to … Read More

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The Ministry of Reconciliation (via Influential Parenting)

I am so impressed with these blog posts by Barbie Poling at Influential Parenting that I keep passing them on here on this blog.

She covers such basic ideas that most of us Christians think we have understood, but we have missed the full meaning and application to our own lives. Do you really know what the Ministry of Reconciliation really means?

Read Barbie’s post and find out how you can fulfill this important ministry in your own home.

The Ministry of Reconciliation I’ve been writing in my blogs lately about my memories of the beginning of my process of learning the principles of Influential Parenting. My memories are over the backdrop of the incredible miracles that took place in my mom’s life due to the obedience and instruction of Marilyn Howshall. You can read about these miracles on the Influential Parenting website. As it became more and more obvious that the miraculous changes in my mom were not going … Read More

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More False Personality Exposed (via Influential Parenting)

This post goes back to the concept of False Personality that is formed when young children are left to themselves in a group of their peers and not given direct instruction in the formation of their character or taught how to relate to others in love.

After I took my kids out of band and choir as I wrote of in my last blog, many opportunities for Christlike character development surfaced in the kids. These were things that I know I wouldn’t have seen or been able to address if they’d stayed in it. In the band experience Rachel had wanted to play the hardest and most infrequent instruments. She realized after leaving the band that she wanted to play them because of the glory and attention it wo … Read More

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Beginnings (via Influential Parenting)

This post comes right before the Becoming Mature post by Barbie Poling. The story of the way God miraculously changed her mom is inspiring. I’m being changed as I read these posts. I hope they are helping you, too.

Beginnings Several moms have been saying to me something like, “It’s sure great to read your blog and see what my family could be some day, but could you write about the days when your relationships were still struggling and about your process of becoming the parent you needed to be and about learning how to work in your children’s hearts?”  So in this blog post and probably in a few more to come, I’m going to write memories from my early stages of learning … Read More

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Becoming Mature (via Influential Parenting)

These posts by Barbie Poling are so good, I just have to share them with you.

Becoming Mature Continuing on from my last blog—as my mom went through the miraculous changes, I began to feel like God had suddenly decided to do a miracle in my mom. Marilyn helped me to see that my thinking about that was twisted and wrong. God was always wanting to do this work in my mom, he was just waiting for someone to cooperate with Him in it. Marilyn helped me to understand that God didn’t just come into my life and “Poof” change things.  It was Marily … Read More

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Taking and Using Addressed (via Influential Parenting)

I am re-posting this post of Barbie Poling’s, too, because I hope that lots of people will read and consider the way they socialize their children. Dealing with their hearts needs to take place at home within the family. We can’t do it when they are in a big group of children. We can’t do it when we are hardly ever with them to see what is going on in their hearts.

Ask the Lord what you should do about peer relationships and about working with the hearts of your children.

As I wrote about in my previous blog post, several years back I began to realize how my children were forming their own version of a twisted false personality. I saw how they were using their peers to build habits of being approved by others in a vain attempt to view themselves as acceptable. The major peer involvement in their lives was a homeschool band and choir. We spent several hours there once a week for rehearsals. When I first started to … Read More

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Forming False Personality (via Influential Parenting)

I put this post here because it was easy to like it and re-post it here. I find it fascinating to realize that most of us form a false personality to try to gain approval for ourselves from our peers. I believe we need to keep our kids home as much as possible and not expose them to lots of group situations until their self-image is secure and their real personality and God-given gifts are identified and embraced.

I am writing about this at Read my posts entitled “Does It Really Take a Village?” there.

I recently received an unexpected message from a friend I haven’t seen since high school. He said his message was long overdue. He wanted to apologize for something he remembers saying to me way back then that he felt was unkind. I don’t remember him saying it, but as I sent along my full forgiveness toward him, I took the opportunity to send him an apology of my own. I remember the self-centered way I viewed my relationships back then. I remembe … Read More

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