A Woman with a Heart of Gold Needs Our Help

There is a woman I met at IHOP- KC who is the epitome of love. She is very well-known there, but she cared about me and my two daughters on a cold, dark night when we were waiting for the shuttle to take us to the IHOP missions base. She saw me with the children and called out that she was driving her van to the missions base and could take a few more people. I quickly asked if she would take us, and she said, “Yes, come on!” When we got to the van, she told me that we were the ones she meant when she called out. I was so grateful. The line was long, and the night was very cold. In those days, I didn’t have a cell phone to call Gary to come and get us. She was so kind and genuine that I ended up telling her our life story between FSM and the missions base. She was very gracious, and I felt like she really cared about me. There were a few times that I saw her after this encounter. By that time, I found out that she was Derek Loux’s wife and how famous they were, and I wondered if she would remember me at all. She always did, and she always acted like I was somebody special, and she would tell me about their lives and ask about my family. She cheered us on in our big family ways and shared with me the vision that she and Derek had to adopt children, especially special needs children.

Well, Derek died in a terrible accident six months ago, but Renee is still going on with fulfilling their vision. She is raising ten children by herself, and now the Lord has enabled her to adopt another little boy, whom she is calling Freedom Boy until she knows the name God has for him. She needs some funds before Thursday, so she can go get him and rescue him from whatever situation he is in. Please pray about how God might want you to help her bring this little one to a safe, loving home.



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