Best Dad and Grandpa – Hands Down!

Gary wearing his shirt we made. He is a very affectionate Dad!
Grandma and Grandpa really wanted to go fishing and have a picnic. So we did! It was so hot that we had to take our food back home to eat it. A few of us started to feel a little sick. It might have been because of the heat. Dad got really sick after we got back home. He didn’t even get to eat our picnic food.
Grandpa took care of the fishing poles and baiting the hooks for the little ones – and the squeamish ones!
His grandchildren are crazy about him. Grandpa even caught a fish himself! He only paid $20 for that privilege.

Further down the page…
Grandpa has his shirt on too.  He’s kind of buried in this shot on the couch!  He wasn’t feeling too good when we took this picture.  But he’s a trooper!


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