Y – M – C – A, It’s Fun to Swim at the Y – M – C – A

This post was sent out prematurely by my baby. I should not leave my blog dashboard open when I leave the computer. Let that be a lesson!

Mom and Dad came to visit from Ohio over the weekend.

    We went to the YMCA to swim in the pool. We took all of the kids except one. They had a lot of fun.

There were not many other people there, so we practically had the pool to ourselves.

The kids all played together, and the little ones worked on learning how to swim.

Having Mom and Dad here meant we had another car to use to get all the kids there. And we had enough adults to take care of all the little ones in the pool. It’s hard to take them anywhere without a van or a second car. And it’s hard to do anything with them at the YMCA, because they won’t let the older brothers and sisters help supervise the younger ones. We have a YMCA membership, and the four oldest kids and Gary use it to good advantage. The rest of us, though, hardly ever get to go there. It’s not all that family friendly. They won’t allow us to do things with our kids that we consider reasonable, like having the older kids take care of their younger brothers and sisters. I’ve never felt comfortable about leaving them in the child care, and the hours that the day care is open have never been convenient for us anyway. But they won’t let us just use the child care room with one of us supervising the younger ones. We had problems with the people who ran the YMCA in Kansas City, so we haven’t even tried to take the younger ones to the one in Belleville.

Emma didn’t stop smiling the whole time. It was her first time to swim. She squealed and yelled so loud, I kept trying to shush her. She was just so excited!

    Garrett showed us that he has no fear of water.

    We always have a lot of fun when Mom and Dad come to visit.


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