More Bad News About CPS

I just found out about this documentary by Bill Bowen called Innocence Destroyed that exposes the hundreds of children who have died while in the care of Children’s Protective Services. They seem to pick the worst possible people to place children with. And they take children away from parents for offenses that are trumped up and false.

A couple months ago, I wrote about an alleged murder/suicide in Atlanta of a former Georgia senator, Nancy Schaefer here. She was leading an investigation into abuses by the CPS in Atlanta and ended up dead. Many people do not believe it was a murder/suicide involving her own husband. More likely, it was a paid hit.

Go to this link to find the short version of the documentary Innocence Destroyed on You Tube.

If you ever see something that makes you think there might be abuse or neglect going on, think long and hard about increasing the chances of abuse by 600% by putting a child into the CPS system. Be very careful about doing such a thing. There are safer ways to help a child. If you really care, get involved and help them yourself.


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