Weather and Nature Study – in Pictures

This seems to be happening more often. Or am I just noticing it more?

These clouds looked like they might produce a tornado.

Look at those black clouds!

We found this baby bunny in our garage!

We've been seeing lots of goldfinches. They like thistle seed.

We had a hailstorm one day. Talk about exciting. Hailstones were bouncing all over our yard!

Kelsey was the first to notice the hail. She collected some for us to see up close.

The hailstones were marble-sized.

A white moth we found in the house

This rainbow hung around for about 20 minutes. It kind of moved higher up in the sky. Do they do that?

A Fruit Bouquet with chocolate-covered strawberries and bananas! My kids got this for me for Mother's Day. Fiona and Emma picked lots of clovers and wildflowers for me. What a wonderful nature-full Mother's Day gift!


1 Comment

  1. Kristi & Co. said,

    May 27, 2010 at 11:54 am

    I like your pics….getting to see a sliver of your life. The first pic of the clouds…before I read your tornado comment….brought an inner excitement….kinda like the clouds were being pulled away so my Yeshua could step through them and take me home with Him! Maybe it will be a tornado that ‘catches us up’ with Him in the sky! 😀 I enjoyed my cup of tea with you this morning. It was much needed. Hope you have a blessed day.

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